Is ‘Condom Challenge’ the new, dangerous social media trend? | Watch Video |

By | May 9, 2018
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If people thought the Blue Whale Challenge was the ‘most dangerous social mediagame ever’, they’re in for a shock.
That dubious honour now belongs to a ‘Condom Snorting Challenge’. But it’s not new, teenagers have been doing it for a while now. The challenge was first identified as a dangerous trend doing the rounds way back in 2013 after a video, apparently dating back to 2007, went viral.

What is the ‘Condom Snorting Challenge’?

It involves stuffing a condom through one’s nostril, sliding it through one’s throat and pulling the contraceptive device out from one’s mouth.

If it isn’t brand new, why is this ‘game’ suddenly so much in the news?

Though not brand new the challenge has hit the headlines recently.

That’s because a small group of Texas parents and teachers were alarmed by what they saw during a presentation at a local school a week ago, reported The Washington Post.

Soon, several news stories flooded the internet with the stories about the dangerous game. The stories claimed “that the challenge was every parent’s worst nightmare.” They also compared the challenge with another infamous phenomenon –

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